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Service and Preventative Maintenance

A quality preventative maintenance program is paramount to the performance and life- span of your HVAC system. Properly maintained equipment extends the life of your system, reduces energy costs, reduces repair bills, maintains interior air quality and quite simply provides for optimum comfort.

A quality preventative maintenance (PM), is like a physical for your mechanical systems. Much like a doctor. We look over your HVAC system and through a series of check-ups and tests determine if everything is working as designed. If we find any issues, it is documented and presented in proposal format for your review. Most of the time these items are minor, such as capacitors, air filters, worn belts, contacter, dirty condenser coil and can often be repaired while the technician are on site.

Our recommended preventative maintenance services include:

Reza PicA. A complete pre-winter inspectiori of the heating System
B. A complete pre-summer inspection of the cooling system
C. Fall visual inspection and filter change-out
D. Spring visual inspection and filter change-out

The inspection will include, as necessary, the following:
1. Check and clean condenser coils and fans
2. Check and clean evaporator colls and squirrel cages
3. Test compressors
4. Lube fan motors
5. Test thermostats and wiring
6. Check control modu las
7. Check ignition modules
8. Check Freon level
9. Check and clean drain
10. Check economizer Operation
11. Check fusible links
12. Check humidifier
13. Check air filter
14. Check unit auxiliary heater/switches
15. Check contactors and relays
16. Check and clean pilots
17. Check and clean burners
18. Check inducer motors
19. Check smoke detector operation
20. Check defrost Operation
21. Check reversing valve
22. Evaluate unit efficiency
23. Check duct working
24. Check flue pipe
25. Check heat exchanger
26. Check unit disconnect